Effective Management of Construction Contracts

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Objectives and Intended Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key differences between construction contracting and other types of formal contracting.
  • Identify the key areas that require focus for successful completion of the contract.
  • Explain techniques to reduce delays and overruns.

Intended Audience

This course is targeted to all levels of purchasers handling construction contracting, purchasing managers overseeing the construction contracting function, and project managers overseeing the direct construction activities.


Construction Contracts can represent a very significant expenditure of resources by public agencies and, thus, a heightened liability. Historically, they have not been a type of contract routinely administered by public purchasers, which may expose the agency to higher levels of liability. This seminar will key in on areas of contract administration specific to Construction Contracting and how they can best be applied to limit risk and liability.

Course Outline

  • Contracting Types
  • The pros and cons of different contracting types (design-build, traditional design/hard-bid; two-step RFP, and RFP/Hard-bid);
  • Role of Designer
  • Ensuring your designer plays the right role (knowing what to expect from you’re A&E and then holding them accountable).
  • Contract Terms
  • Knowing and enforcing your terms. Are your terms acceptable? Do you follow the AIA models or develop your own? Do you enforce them?
  • Insurance and Bonding
  • Insurance - It's critical! Understanding the importance of different insurances in construction projects and then identifying the key areas to watch when collecting and approving proof of insurance.
  • Project Management and Change Orders
  • Making sure your Project Manager/Construction Inspectors are doing their jobs. Are these folks internal or external? What role do they play? What should be their limit of authority and how do you maintain it?
  • Change Orders/Claims - Allowing or denying and who pays? Just because they ask, doesn’t mean you have to grant them. How do you back up your case?
  • Closeout
  • Contract Closeouts - What's so important? Understanding the importance of contract closeouts in construction projects and the different key elements to track and obtain.


1 Day Course

Textbook provided

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