Procurement Flashcards

These online animated flashcards make learning key procurement terms and definitions fun and exciting.

Based on the NIGP Dictionary, each volume contains 100 unique procurement terms.


Members - $20

Non-Members - $35

The Flashcard Study Aids Provide:

  • Self-paced online animated flashcard study aid of procurement terms and their definitions.
  • Using flashcards as a study aid helps you take advantage of short periods of time throughout your day for reinforcement of these definitions as you prepare for your certification exam.
  • Each volume is composed of four modules containing 25 terms and definitions in an easy to follow flip card format for a total of 100 unique terms per volume.
  • Each volume contains a printable Glossary of the terms and their definitions.

This is not a class. No CEUs or Contact Hours are awarded.

Procurement Flashcards

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