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Gordian is the leading provider of innovative construction data, software and services to organizations pursuing efficient and effective construction planning, estimating and procurement. As the pioneer of Job Order Contracting, Gordian’s ever-growing portfolio of procurement solutions leverages highly specialized cloud-based project management software to deliver rapid deployment and long-term cost savings for the nation’s facility and infrastructure owners. From planning to procurement to maintenance and operations, Gordian’s expanding portfolio of solutions includes the RSMeans data products and services, as well as the Sightlines facility benchmarking and analysis solutions. Gordian serves clients from every sector by providing efficient and effective solutions that maximize efficiency, optimize cost savings and increase quality across the entire construction lifecycle.

Products/solutions unique to the government

Gordian’s solutions maximize efficiency throughout all phases of the construction lifecycle, from planning and design, through procurement, construction and operations. These solutions deliver streamlined processes and services to state, local and federal government, K-12 and higher education institutions, those in healthcare, and more.

An example of a government-related project that was innovative - something that helped solve a problem or contributed a solution

Emergency Highway Repairs for Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT): 
A monsoon dumped as much as 1.7 inches of rain on House Rock Valley, AZ, in August 2015. The torrents of water damaged the roadway and culvert system. When skies cleared, the ADOT was tasked with removing tons of sediment that ranged from silt to 15-foot-diameter boulders so repairs to the roadway and drainage system could be completed. Just 11 days after submitting the price proposal through a Gordian Job Order Contracting process, the contractor, S.J. Anderson, began work. Time was of the essence, with a section of the roadway limited to one lane, even as tourist season increased traffic volume.

Due to the remote location and lack of local crews with heavy repair experience, S.J. Anderson had to bring in crews and equipment from as far away as 500 miles. In all, the contractor completed emergency repairs at seven sites along 24 miles of U.S. Route 89A. The $1.6 million project was completed in less than one month. By using Gordian’s Job Order Contracting solution, ADOT was able to quickly reopen the highway by securing qualified local contractors while also following state and federal procurement laws and codes.

New technologies being developed or adopted that will have an impact on the way products and/or services are delivered

Gordian developed and maintains the most robust collection of labor, material and equipment data in existence today. Additional data includes RSMeans construction cost estimating and procurement data, and facilities data from Sightlines, the leading provider of facilities’ benchmarking data and expertise to higher education institutions.

Suggestion for improving the procurement process...

We endeavor to deliver solutions and services that bring increased efficiency, collaboration and transparency to the construction lifecycle.

As a member of the Business Council, Gordian hopes to impact the public procurement community by...

We strive to optimize construction procurement outcomes and help those in government maximize productivity and improve construction quality by delivering comprehensive and accurate construction data, robust software and specialized expertise.
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