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Disaster Recovery Services (DRS) provides a single point of contact that coordinates turnkey financial and physical disaster recovery services to help you recover from an adverse event.  We give public entities access to decades of strategic recovery experience to help them optimize their physical and financial recovery while still focusing on their day jobs.  In particular, our team has in-depth, hands-on knowledge of all FEMA Public Assistance programs, including expert knowledge of federal procurement and contracting standards.  We protect public entities’ interests from before a loss all of the way through the audit period.

Formed in 2014, DRS is led by a core group of five professionals with over 125 years of combined experience in the area of risk preparedness and loss recovery services.  DRS has prepared combination FEMA and insurance recovery claims for hundreds of public entities and non-profits, including states, state agencies, counties, cities, utility authorities, housing authorities, higher education institutions, and school districts, among others, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Our mission at DRS is to plan for and find what is overlooked to help create resilient communities that rebound better and faster.  We strive to be the most respected risk consulting firm in the country, offering the best people, resources, and services, driven by a team culture that delivers a recovery experience unlike any other.

Products/solutions unique to the government market

Disaster Recovery Services helps organizations PREPARE for, RESPOND to, and RECOVER from disaster events.  We provide public entities with:

  1. FEMA-Compatibility Procurement Assessments
    Are you confident that your existing contracting processes and procedures will hold up to FEMA’s procurement standards?
    DRS can review and provide expert guidance to help you understand where your current processes stand and the steps you need to take to optimize FEMA-compatibility.

  2. Managed Vendor Partner (MVP) Program
    Do you have contracts in place for all of the services you may need following an adverse event?  
    Through DRS’ MVP Program, we offer immediate access to a comprehensive suite of disaster management services with quality, reliable vendors across the country.  Our MVP vendors are best-in-class, offer competitive pre-event pricing, and are able to respond to any size need at a moment’s notice through FEMA-compatible cooperative contracts.

  3. Combined Insurance & FEMA Claims Assistance
    Does your organization have the knowledge and the resource capacity to manage a complex recovery claim and ensure that you are achieving the best results for the people you serve?
    DRS takes great pride in knowing we are the only consulting firm in the industry specializing in both insurance and FEMA claims.  With DRS, you can prepare one recovery claim that you have confidence in and avoid the unnecessary duplication of consulting fees to create an insurance claim (with an insurance expert) and a FEMA claim (with a FEMA expert).

An example of a government-related project that was innovative - something that helped solve a problem or contributed a solution.

During August 2017, Vidor Independent School District faced record amounts of rainfall as Hurricane Harvey stalled over Texas.  Receiving over 36 inches of rain in a week, the District confronted catastrophic flooding across its campuses, with two schools sitting in two feet of water and sewage for over five days.  Knowing that education provides a stable environment for children during trying times, Vidor ISD needed to find ways to get their students back into classrooms as quickly as possible.  The District reached out to Disaster Recovery Services (DRS) to discuss options and find viable solutions that could be implemented in a compressed time frame, while meeting FEMA’s federal procurement requirements for funding.

Leaning on DRS’ expertise and network connections in the area of disaster recovery, Vidor ISD found a successful, FEMA-compatible solution to their problem.  Through DRS’ Managed Vendor Partner (MVP) Program, the District was able to secure 22 temporary buildings, creating a campus for 1,100 students that was installed and operational within 10 weeks of the loss.  DRS was able to source these buildings in a market that was heavily depleted due to the widespread devastation.  In addition, DRS shared extensive knowledge of FEMA’s federal procurement standards with Vidor ISD to help ensure that the contracting mechanisms used to secure the temporary campuses met FEMA’s requirements for eligibility for 100% reimbursement.  DRS also walked Vidor ISD through FEMA’s Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) approval process to help ensure that the installation was in compliance with EHP’s environmental requirements.

While Vidor ISD found itself in a tough situation following the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, they were able to find a successful temporary resolution through DRS’ MVP Program that has allowed them to provide stability to their students while they focus their energy on the long-term rebuilding and recovery efforts.

New technologies being developed or adopted that will have an impact on the way products and/or services are delivered

DRS is developing a pro-active resource technology that monitors locations in disaster-prone areas, identifies recovery needs, and matches those needs to FEMA-compatible solutions within a moment’s notice.  This technology will create more resilient organizations, optimizing preparation, response, and recovery to help ensure agencies return to operations faster and better.

Suggestion for improving the procurement process...

Public procurement officials are most often left out of critical disaster recovery planning and preparation.  Each year millions of dollars of recovery funding are recommended for de-obligation due to federal procurement and FEMA-specific procurement mistakes. Over 80% of federal recovery dollars will be spent to procure goods, services, and construction-related services to help respond, recover, and rebuild from a disaster.  Procurement officials need to understand better the critical role they play in optimizing their organization's financial disaster recovery and have the confidence to proactively impart their federal procurement knowledge to the entire disaster recovery team.

As a member of the Business Council, Disaster Recovery Services, LLC hopes to impact the public procurement community by...

DRS has a passion for being the most respected and trusted resource to both public entities and members of the vendor community that provide the needed goods and services necessary for disaster recovery efforts. Our greatest impact in the public procurement community comes from being a trusted liaison between public entities, vendors, and disaster funding representatives (insurance, FEMA, and state emergency departments).  Our firm is on a mission to educate all involved parties so that organizations are no longer devastated by disasters but are instead prepared for them and ready to respond.  DRS looks forward to collaborating with all the members of the NIGP Business Council to further support, engage, educate, and champion the efforts of the public procurement community.

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