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  • Values and Guiding Principles

    Values are beliefs shared by public procurement professionals about what is and what is not good or appropriate in procurement practice.
  • Adopt & Support the Values and Guiding Principles

    Collaboration and adoption of Public Procurement Values and Guiding Principles.
  • Policies and Procedures Review NIGP Consulting

    Review of Policies & procedures as compared to the ABA Model Procurement Code & Regulations, appropriate State requirements & two comparable entities
  • Global Best Practices

    The Global Best Practices provide definition, context and guidance on public procurement topics.
  • World Class Procurement Practices

    1-day course that defines World Class Procurement and what practices public agencies are adopting to achieve it.
  • BPR - The Place of Public Procurement in the Entity, Best Practice, NIGP, 2016.pdf

    Layout 1 Public Procurement Practice THE PLACE OF PUBLIC PROCUREMENT WITHIN THE ENTITY STANDARD The placement of Procurement1 should be operationally distinct from other departments and divisions within the entity. The Chief Procurement Office (CPO) should hold an actual and distinct position at the C-level, executive ...
  • Best Value in Government Procurement.pdf

    POSITION PAPER TOPIC: Best Value in Government Procurement Concepts and practices. NIGP 151 Spring Street Herndon, Va 20152 703.836.8900 CUSTOMER CARE: 800.367.6447, Ext. 0 ONLINE: Published by NIGP: The Institute ...
  • Transparency in Public Procurement.pdf

    Layout 1 Public Procurement Practice TRANSPARENCY IN PUBLIC PROCUREMENT STANDARD Public procurement should to the greatest extent practicable1, be transparent in its practices, processes, policies and relationships with all stakeholders, while ensuring protection of confidential information. Definition Transpare...
  • The Evaluation Process.pdf

    Layout 1 Public Procurement Practice THE EVALUATION PROCESS STANDARD The receipt, opening, and evaluation of requested documentation from potential suppliers must be carried out by a competent evaluation panel and in accordance with all applicable laws, as well as the principles of impartiality and transparency. Thos...
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).pdf

    Layout 1 Public Procurement Practice SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (SRM)1 STANDARD Good Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is an effective practice that will allow an organization to: n Identify strategic suppliers based on relative importance (supplier stratification); n Define operational expectations and establi...

Displaying results 1 - 10 of 29

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