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Most Recent Issues - 2016

GovProCoverDecember-January 2017



With articles such as:

  • Planning for 2020? 3 Reasons to Standardize on an eProcurement System Right Now by Jean Clark
  • The Definitive Guide to Hiring an Energy Advisor by Bob Wooten
  • Is a Lack of Spend Visibility Holding You Back? by Jonathan White
  • Helping Sourcing Teams Plan Backwards and Think Ahead by Richard Pennington
  • Supplier Diversity Success: Sometimes "The Ask" Makes the Difference by Erika Lopez
  • Compensation Survey 2016
  • Management Certificate in Public Procurement - CSU San Bernardinoby Darin Matthews

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With articles such as:

  • Don't overlook this one (simple) way to maximize competition by Jean Clark
  • Overcoming Misconceptions regarding the use of cooperatives for energy procurement by Bob Wooten
  • Budget forecasting: cost estimate, contract cost and cost overrun by Claude L. Cable
  • Procurement 2020 by Michael Keating
  • Municipal governments can master their money with payment engine technology by Derek Prall
  • Training day by Darin Matthews

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GovPro August - September 2016 Cover



With articles such as:

  • Enough is Enough - Evaluting Performance accurately and knowing when you've done all you can do is an important skill in public procurement - by Stephen B. Gordon
  • Survey Says: Most are ready to embrace modern procurement technology, but buying is slow by Jean Clark
  • Become a more effective energy buyer: Understand what determines your price by Bob Wooten
  • Value beyond savings: Changing behavior with data by Jonathan White
  • Stronger Together - A little perspective on government buying cooperatives will go a long way in understanding them by Derek Prall
  • Procurement leaders are like moms by Darin Matthews

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With articles such as:

  • Is Private Sector Procurement Still Better? by Jean Clark
  • How to Map Out an Energy Risk Management Strategy That Makes Sense For Your Organization by Bob Wooten
  • Advocating for Choice by Marc Selvitelli
  • Getting to We: Negotiating Agreements for HIghly Collaborative Relationships by Kate Vitasek
  • Negotiating Technology Contracts by Kristy D. Varda
  • NIGP Forum 2016

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With articles such as:

  • Showing Value Byeond Savings by Jonathan White
  • Today's Answers to the Transparency Movement by Jean Clark
  • The Future of Solar Looks Very Bright by Bob Wooten
  • Business Continuity by Steven Lewis
  • How to evaluate the Total Cost of Ownership by the NIGP Business Council

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With articles such as:

  • Communicating the Value - The Equation Article by Jonathan White
  • Managing Solid Waste Services saves Ohio a Landfill Full of Cash by Randall F. Howard
  • A New Year - A New Procurement Strategy by Jean Clark
  • With energy prices this low, how do I keep from missing the boat? by Bob Wooten
  • 2016 Green Purchasing Survey Results by Scot Case

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DecemberJanuary 2015 Government Procurement Magazine

With articles such as:

  • Communicating the Value by Jonathan White
  • Cooperative Contracting by Wayne A. Casper
  • Energy and Data Management: How can you manage what you can't measure? by ​Bob Wooten
  • Federal Grant Reform: New Procurement & Contracting Rqequirements by Bob Wooten
  • Classifying your workforce: Independent contractor vs. employee by Elijah Black
  • The Piggyback-lash by Debbie Groat

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