Government Procurement Magazine December January 2014 Issue

With articles such as:

  • Governments Spreading Kindness by Gary C. Smith
  • Pondering a Real-Life Procurement Dilemma by Stephen B. Gordon
  • Financial Integration with Purpose-Built Functionality by Periscope Holdings
  • Second Step, Part 2 by Jonathan White
  • Privity and Third-Party Beneficiaries by Richard Pennington & Eileen Youens
  • 5 Initiatives Shaping Our Profession  by Brent Maas
  • Crowdfunding for Municipal Projects  by Mark Feinberg
  • Happy Green Year! by Scot Case

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Government Procurement Magazine Aug/Sept 2013

With articles such as:

  • First Step Toward Procurement Savings by Jonathan White
  • Delivering Sky-High Results - NIGP Consulting
  • The Future is Calling by Scot Case
  • Why Suppliers 'No Bid' by The NIGP Business Council
  • Local Governments in Illinois Pool their Purchasing Powerby Larry Anderson
  • Tracking Procurement from 'Cradle to Grave'' by Larry Anderson

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Government Procurement Magazine June July 2013 Issue

With articles such as:

  • The Ever-Changing Role of the Procurement Professional by Cliff McCue
  • Combining Rules and Relationships by Trevor Brown
  • Collaborative Risk Management by Richard Pennington
  • A Case for Achieving Best Value through PIPS by Steve Hagar
  • Professional Services in a Flash by Larry Anderson
  • Furnishing the Future by Scot Case
  • NIGP Forum 2013

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With articles such as:

  • Public-Private Partnerships in 2013 by Michael Keating
  • Embracing the Flexibility of New Federal Acquisition Systems by Evan McDonnell
  • What is 'Spend'? by Jonathan White
  • A legacy Evolves: Responsibility Meets Responsiveness by Richard Pennington
  • When do I use Cooperative Purchasing? by NIGP Task Force
  • Partnering with the Private Sector by The NIGP Business Council

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Government Procurement FebMarch2014

With articles such as:

  • Growth Continues in 2012 by Matt Walker
  • 7 Benefits of Collaborative Spend Analysis  by Jonathan White
  • Automating Reference Checks by Larry Anderson
  • From Proposal to Award: Discussions in RFPs by Richard Pennington
  • Embracing 'Lean' - It's all about the Process by Steve Demel
  • The Route to Excellence by Larry Anderson
  • Energy Procurement Strategies by Bob Wooten & Tina Borger

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With articles such as:

  • How Federal Budget Woes Impact State and Local Governments by Brent Maas
  • Expanding Diversity in Public Sector Procurement by Kelly J. Okken
  • Lessons to Learn in Options and Competition by Richard Pennington
  • Outsourcing in the Public Sector - NIGP Position Paper
  • When 'Not as Bad' is Good News by Larry Anderson 

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