Is designed to strengthen the price negotiating position of procurement professionals, and is especially helpful in situations where contracts allow for periodic price adjustments.


It sheds light on:

  • Suppliers' costs
  • Using marketplace intelligence and its proprietary tools that make it easy to stay on top of pricing trends
  • Build pricing models and shareable reports – and more.
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The Result

Increased negotiating leverage and more success pushing back unwarranted price increases. ProPurchaser contains transaction pricing for over 500 commodities and cost drivers. Moreover, you are free to share this data with suppliers during negotiations to support your position and create transparency.

Due Diligence

ProPurchaser provides an objective record of marketplace trends that can back up sourcing decisions and pricing agreements.

For NIGP Members

Members are entitled to an extended, 60-day, free trial of this website; as well as a $300 discount, should you choose to subscribe to ProPurchaser

No obligations, implied or otherwise, associated with accepting a free trial.

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