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Are suppliers satisfied with your procurement department?

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We measure our internal customers’ satisfaction with our services and support and use survey results to improve those areas that reflect weaknesses and need improvement. But how many of us measure the satisfaction level of our suppliers? This group is our external customer and it is critical that we have a good working relationship with them in order to have a successful procurement operation.

NIGP is pleased to provide a Supplier Satisfaction Survey (PASS – Supplier) through its Professional Services Program. This survey measures supplier satisfaction with a procurement department.

Cost based on the number of email invitations

 Invitations  Up to 50  51 - 200  Over 200


 $199  $349  $499


 $398  $698  $998

Survey pricing includes a Summary Report (PDF) and is based on the number of email invitations the customer would like sent out.

Depending upon the membership category, by joining NIGP, entities can realize a savings for the survey and gain the benefits of NIGP membership.

Scope of Service

NIGP will prepare a survey based upon your needs that includes the following areas:

  • Overall Satisfaction– are our suppliers satisfied with the way we conduct business?
  • Communication – do our solicitation documents clearly communicate specifications and contract requirements?
  • Competitiveness – do our solicitations provide for adequate competition?
  • Responsiveness – are we responsive to our suppliers and do we respond in a reasonable amount of time?
  • Solutions – are we able to work with them in an effective manner to provide solutions to their problems and complaints?
  • Professionalism– is our staff courteous and professional?
  • Knowledge– is our staff knowledgeable regarding procurment laws and regulations and products and services they purchase?


After completion of the survey, the Staff will issue a summary report on the survey results.

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Get the Survey

Contact Ronni Levine, Web Content Manager, 703-736-8900, x265,

Time Frame Icon

Time Frame

Work will commence after execution of contract or issuance of purchase order with anticipated completion of within 3-4 weeks.

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Client Responsibilities

The Client will work with Staff to provide information for the survey, including recipients for the survey and e-mail addresses. The Client also has responsibility to ensure that payments are made in accordance with NIGP payment terms.

Payment Terms Icon

Payment Terms

Payment is due in advance; once payment has been received the survey process can begin.

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