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Code Strategic AssessmentScope of Service

An NIGP Consultant will work with your staff to conduct the two-day, onsite NIGP Code Strategic Assessment. This review will assess the current utilization of the NIGP Commodity/Services Code (NIGP Code) within your agency’s existing procurement processes and serve as the foundation for recommendations that will maximize the effectiveness and value of your NIGP Code implementation.

The NIGP Code Strategic Assessment includes:

  • Overview of the NIGP Code and its uses in “best-of-class” procurement organizations
  • Review of existing procurement technology and software applications
  • Procurement technology use and maximization
  • Evaluation of how the NIGP Code is used in your agency’s current procurement processes
  • Interviews (maximum of five) or focus group sessions with key stakeholders to gain insight into their unique practices and challenges

Time Frame

The NIGP Code Strategic Assessment is expected to be completed within 4-6 weeks from issuance of purchase order/contract execution.


Members - $17,300
(inclusive of travel)

 Non-Members - $18,300 
By joining NIGP, entities can realize a savings for the review and gain the benefits of NIGP membership.


After completion of the review (which includes 2-days of onsite discovery sessions), the Consultant will issue a draft report with recommendations for enhanced efficiency and utilization of the tool and then a final report based on client comments, discussions and revisions.

Client Responsibilities

The Client will work with an NIGP Consultant to provide electronic documents for review, be available for questions and clarifications, review the draft report and provide comments within a three (3) week period. The Client also has responsibility to ensure that payments are made in accordance with NIGP payment terms.

Payment Terms

Fifty percent (50%) payment from the Client will be due upon issuance of the draft report and the remaining 50% will be due upon issuance of the final report. NIGP’s payment terms are net 30.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact Jean Clark at 512-298,0106,

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