What is NIGP Code?

NIGP Code is a universal taxonomy for identifying commodities and services in procurement systems. It is available as a 3-digit class code, a 5-digit class-item code, a 7-digit class-item-group code, and a detailed 11-digit code. The NIGP Commodity and Service Code is the solution that, when mixed with a good procurement software package, brings order and efficiency to public procurement programs.

NIGP released the first version of the NIGP Code in 1984.  Since then the NIGP Code has been adopted by more than 1,400 government users and continues to grow.

Code Services

A key expanded service available to licensed users is:

The Living Code

A dynamic version of the NIGP Code that is continually current. This online, electronic version of the Code is updated as new codes are added and existing codes are changed. This means that the latest revisions are always available through the customer's Internet browser. In addition to this value-added service, Periscope also now provides an invaluable cross-reference to the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC).


The NIGP Commodity and Service Code is commercially available through an annual licensing agreement - with a fee structure that is tied to the level of Code required by the customer.

Governmental entities that purchased a copy of the NIGP Code prior to the availability of a license agreement can continue to use the Code exclusively for their entity's use. However, these older versions of the Code are not upgradeable and do not provide access to the array of services available to license holders.

Discounts ​for NIGP Members

NIGP Code license is available to NIGP National Agency Members at a 10% discount off the standard governmental rates.

This discount applies to both new licensees and current license holders. The discount for NIGP National Members will continue for the duration of the license; including annual license renewals.

periscopePartnership with Periscope

The Code is maintained and supported by Periscope, an Austin-based technology holding company focused on the public sector and the sole custodian and marketer of the Code under an ongoing agreement with NIGP. The Code is the most widely used commodity/services code in the public sector and is utilized by 1400 governmental entities, including 30 states.

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