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NIGP's courses provide the essential framework for you to better understand and master the world of public procurement and your path to certification.

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Courses in Public Procurement

NIGP provides fundamental curricula that instills procurement professionals on procurement techniques, theory and best practices.  Whether in a classroom, online, or onsite visits, NIGP has courses that work for you and with you.

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Public Procurement Certification

For many, professional certification is a pinnacle achievement that reflects superior knowledge, experience and status as a public procurement professional. Whatever your motivation for certification, NIGP provides courses with the knowledge and the qualifying credits you need. 

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Higher Education

Higher Education Public Procurement

Find out which Higher Learning Institutions are offering course work towards a career in Public Procurement.  Take the next step and carve out your path toward procurement excellence.

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Work in Public Procurement

Work in Public Procurement

A career in public procurement is one dedicated to serving the best interests of the community. Procurement Professionals have a deep-seated understanding that they are custodians of the public trust, and that they champion and protect the taxpayer and the tax dollar. 

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