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NIGP Forum 2023

NIGP Forum is where more happens. It’s where MORE connections are formed, where MORE learning is offered, and where attendees can access MORE procurement resources.

NIGP continually looks to bring meaningful innovations to our programs to provide you more value and enhance your learning experience.  That's why this year, we have planned a learning experience that brings you something new but also continues the NIGP Forum traditions you have come to love and rely on.


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New for this year’s Forum, NIGP has partnered with procurement experts to design three exciting learning paths available to both in-person and virtual attendees: 

Learning Paths are designed to build your knowledge, skills, and abilities as you progress in the subject by engaging in discussions with peers and industry experts. Each learning path consists of:

4 sessions (75 minutes each) and 

You can take individual sessions in a path OR attend all the sessions in a path and earn a badge (upon successfully passing an assessment).

75 Minute Sessions


As you have come to expect, NIGP Forum is where more public procurement discussions take place, more like-minded professionals gather (in-person and virtually), and where you can access more educational content with 60+ procurement-related sessions, more networking sessions with peers, and where you make more connections with suppliers during the exhibition.

Cornerstones and Leadership

Explore the latest Procurement Leadership and Cornerstones of Procurement topics with experts and peers.

Learning Sessions

Each 75-minute session provides the skills and resources you need to improve your on-the-job performance.

48 sessions for in-person attendees

38 live-streamed sessions for virtual attendees

All live-streamed sessions available on-demand post event


These 90-minute active learning sessions for in person attendees offer hands-on learning with peers.

Session facilitators incorporate activities, games, problem solving exercises, small group discussions and presentations for optimal learning

Attendance limited to 90 participants. Seating is available on a first come first served basis

Entity Networking Opportunities

Our entity networking sessions continue to offer attendees tremendous value. By participating, you get to:

 FORM new relationship and expand your network

 SHARE your experiences and thoughts with others

 GAIN new perspectives and fresh ideas to handle workplace challenges


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Keynote Speakers

We're excited to share our inspirational lineup of speakers who offer thought-provoking perspectives on ways to enhance and navigate your career. 

Shola Richards

CEO and Founder of Go Together Global (TM)

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Shola Richards introduces the transformative concept of Ubuntu which translates to “I am, because we are.”  This philosophy, along with three powerful questions, will provide actionable strategies to transform our work culture, amplify team civility and inspire us to consistently bring our best to work. 

Jess Pettitt

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Spend a day in the life of a change crusher and see why change doesn't stick. Look at the contradictory characters that make up your office staff and solve the mystery of what you can do with what you already have to make your diversity initiatives stick.

Jimmy Yeary

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Song Writer and Speaker
Jimmy Yeary isn't just a songwriter, a singer, or a speaker, he's an advocate for human emotion, connectedness, and outreach to all with whom he comes into contact. Teaching these principles, we are better able to understand how they can lead and grow in our own organizations in a way that makes an impact and unites all under a common goal set and front.

Shola Richards - NIGP Forum 2023 Opening Session Keynote

Jess Pettitt - NIGP Forum 2023 Keynote

Thought Leadership Activities

Case Studies - Innovative examples of how supplier/practitioner partnerships that benefitted their local communities.

Industry Expertise - Sessions presented by the NIGP Business Council.

Innovation Theater - Check out the Theater schedule in the Expo to view new products or creative services offered by the supplier community.

Products Expo

A valuable opportunity for in-person discovery as over 200 government suppliers showcase their products and services in one amazing location. Engage one-on-one with experts who can answer any questions you may have and offer helpful advice on the latest innovations in a particular area. The Products Expo is the perfect environment to make connections and build your supplier network.


Social Event

Pack Your Best Hat...It's Delightfully Derby Night 

Did you know that Churchill Downs has hosted the Kentucky Derby since 1875, making it the longest continuously running sporting event in American history? Join us for an extraordinary Delightfully Derby Night featuring  big hats, bourbon tasting and, of course, thrilling virtual horse racing. Tonight, everyone is a horse-racing enthusiast. Get ready to see the action up close and personal. And don't forget to wear your best Derby outfit.  Giddy up.