Webinar - Building a World Class Team: Hiring, On-Boarding and Training your Procurement Dream Team

  • Date: 06/14/2023
  • Start Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Time
  • End Time: 3:30 PM Eastern Time
  • Contact Hours: 1
  • Format: Webinar
  • CEUs: 0.1
Webinar 061423: Building a World Class Team: Hiring, On-Boarding and Training your Procurement Dream Team (Member)$0.00 06/14/2023
Webinar 061423: Building a World Class Team: Hiring, On-Boarding and Training your Procurement Dream Team (Non-Member)$195.00 06/14/2023
Webinar 061423: Building a World Class Team: Hiring, On-Boarding and Training your Procurement Dream Team (Member) $0.00
Webinar 061423: Building a World Class Team: Hiring, On-Boarding and Training your Procurement Dream Team (Non-Member) $195.00


The most critical and valuable asset of any organization is its’ staff. The more effective and engaged your staff, the more impactful your services are to the entity and the community it serves. So how do you build your procurement team? Do you inherit it? Does it just happen? Is it the luck of the draw? Or is it something you create and build with intention?  Whether you are brand new to a role or entity, or well established in the organization, creating your best team is possible if you are willing to commit to the journey.  Whether you are building a team from scratch or are working with a long-standing team, every procurement leader has the opportunity to create their own “procurement dream team”. The journey to creating your dream team may begin with recruiting, hiring and on-boarding the right talent.  But your journey will also begin with developing the existing team. Creating the right culture in your organization, and creating a vision and purpose for your team begins with you. This session will focus on all phases of building your team and how you can create impact whether you are the existing leader, a brand new leader or a member of the staff team.  Let’s build that procurement dream team!

What You'll Learn

After completing this online training session, learners will be able to:
1. Assess the challenges and opportunities of their current procurement team and environment
2. Identify what is important to employees and leverage that information to build a staff program that will draw professionals to their entity
3. Build a future state environment that utilizes recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and training to build more effective procurement team members

Presenter Bio(s) 

Marcheta E. Gillespie, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M., CPM, is currently the President of NIGP Code & Consulting. She is retired from public sector, having served as the Chief Procurement Officer for the City of Tucson. With over 32 years of experience in public procurement, Marcheta is a passionate advocate for her profession. Marcheta was inducted as a Fellow of the Institute in 2019. She was the 2017 Distinguished Service Award winner. She is a past NIGP President (2013-14) and served on the Board of Directors for 10 years. She is a past Chair of the UPPCC and a Council Member for 3 years. She was the first Chair of the NIGP Talent Council and Chair of the NIGP 2.0 Task Force, the historic project of governance model transformation. She has also chaired the NIGP Task Force for the Values & Guiding Principles Initiative, the NIGP Forum Committee and the NIGP Governance Committee. She has been an active leader and member of the NIGP Southern Arizona Copper Chapter since 1991. Marcheta has spoken and trained at hundreds of international, national, regional and local conferences and events. She is an NIGP Master Certified Instructor and has developed numerous training programs as well as written for national procurement publications. Marcheta owns MG Procurement Consulting, LLC, serving as a professional consultant on numerous agency projects. In 2009, Marcheta was selected as the NIGP Copper Chapter Manager of the Year.

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  • Marcheta Gillespie, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPM, CPPB, FNIGP, C.P.M.


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