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A Layered Approach to Securing Your Organization's Environment

Help protect your organization from security risks, data breaches and malware attacks. Learn how Canon Solutions America's 5 pillars of security can help you mitigate those risks.

Orientation to Cooperative Procurement

Cooperative purchasing can help public agencies save time and money but it can be difficult to navigate how to get started. This orientation covers the basics of cooperative procurement, including benefits, challenges, and practical tips for utilizing cooperative contracts in your day-to-day. This Orientation was created to help foster deeper collaboration in the public purchasing community, allowing public procurement professionals to share the resources and expertise they've gained throughout their careers in public procurement. If you’re looking for a refresher on cooperative purchasing or are just getting started, this is the session for you!

Building a New Movement for Collaboration in the Digital Age

If you’ve ever asked a procurement peer “Do you have a contract I can use?”, you know: the spirit of collaboration in public procurement is strong. Cooperative purchasing and piggybacking allows public agencies to share contracts to deliver better, faster public services to the public. But even now in 2022, finding the right contract at the right time often feels like a losing game of “Go, Fish”! How can you leverage technology (and the wisdom of your peers) to minimize the time you spend on the logistics of collaboration and maximize its benefits to your agency and the public? In this session, you’ll learn from procurement leaders pushing the boundaries of procurement collaboration in the digital age.

Howdy, Neighbor: Regional Models for Collaboration

Learn about the world of cooperative purchasing from regional collaboration experts! While national purchasing cooperatives and state agencies offer valuable cooperative contracting resources, increasingly local agencies are collaborating on procurement to save time and money. In this session, you’ll hear from local leaders about their different approaches to cooperative procurement in their region, how they organize joint solicitations and best practices for creating and sharing cooperative contracts across a region-specific group. You’ll learn about the benefits and challenges of regional collaboration and leave with actionable insights that will help you strengthen purchasing collaboration in your own region.

Advancing Equity through Cooperative Procurement

Across the country, more public entities are focusing on advancing equity in contracting. Achieving more participation from local and diverse businesses can be challenging. As procurement teams seek to implement equity initiatives, you may assume that you must choose between the ease and speed of cooperative procurement and meeting your agency’s equity goals. However, cooperative procurement can be a powerful tool for advancing equity in contracting while continuing to drive economic development in your local community. In this session, you’ll learn from procurement leaders on innovative approaches to supporting local and diverse businesses through cooperative procurement. You’ll leave this session with a better understanding of how to leverage cooperative contracts to achieve equity goals and a roadmap of how to apply new concepts to meet your agency’s objectives.

Pitch Please: Advocating for Collaboration to Key Stakeholders

You get the value of cooperative contracts and want to be able to leverage them as part of your organization’s strategy. But how can you get internal buy-in from stakeholders like executive management, electeds, and end users? In this session, we’ll focus on practical learnings and resources that empower procurement professionals at any level to build buy-in with key stakeholders in their agencies. Learn from leaders across the country on how they moved their agencies towards leveraging cooperative procurements, pitched new collaborative ideas and approaches to leaders in their organization, and managed legal and political considerations when implementing a new process around cooperatives.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: The Nexus Between State and Local Procurement

The pandemic broke the supply chain, putting undue pressure on procurement teams large and small. While public procurement has had a long standing practice of collaboration, limited supply and new economic realities turned collaborators into competitors. It’s essential that state and local agencies band together, re-harnessing that spirit of collaboration to support their communities. In this session, we’ll hear from state and local leaders taking a fresh approach to collaboration. We’ll dig into how increased collaboration can help advance statewide policy goals, support local businesses, and develop better purchasing options for local entities.

Reframing Possible: The Critical Role Procurement Plays in Re-Building Resilient Communities with the Use of Federal Funding

Does your procurement department have a plan beyond responding to sourcing needs in the wake of a catastrophic event? Join Disaster Recovery Services as we discuss the procurement professional’s role in developing a disaster recovery strategy that looks beyond emergency response to positioning your organization for building community resilience with the use of federal funding.


  • Dr. Kim Abrego, PT, DPT, COO and President 


  • Shelley Vineyard, MBA, NIGP-CPP, RTSBA, Procurement Practice Leader

Embracing Technology to Improve Supplier Diversity & Vendor Performance



  • Britton Cronin

The Impact of COVID-19 on Manufacturing

Join us for a discussion on the implications that COVID-19 had on the Global Manufacturing industry and what business looks like moving forward.  Hear from Government Practitioners and Suppliers who experienced firsthand the effects of increased demand, pricing, and supply chain-related issues.


  • Jon Stodola, CSE, Regional Business Manager


  • Boyd Montgomery, Regional Business Manager