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Chapter Ambassadors

The NIGP Chapter Ambassador program is one way in which the Institute and Chapters can come together to promote the value of procurement. NIGP has appointed Ambassadors who will visit chapters throughout the year to share information about what the Institute is doing to elevate the profession and discuss challenges that chapters are facing locally.

NIGP Chapter Ambassador Visits

These meetings between chapters and their NIGP Ambassadors provide chapter members with an opportunity to learn about the latest NIGP member benefits, educational opportunities, resources, and tools. The Ambassador meeting also allows chapter members and leaders to ask questions and tell Ambassadors what support they need from the Institute.

During Ambassador visits, chapter leaders can share success stories, governance issues, and more. All stories, thoughts, concerns, and questions will be communicated to the elected Member Council of NIGP. 

Scheduling Chapter Ambassador Visits

Each chapter will be eligible for ONE visit every other year. Eligible chapters will be notified in October or November for the following calendar year by NIGP staff or the chapter's area Ambassador.

Once the visit is confirmed with the NIGP Chapter Relations Manager, we encourage you to reach out to the Ambassador to discuss the visit as it pertains to the topic of presentation and time with your chapter.

When scheduling, please allow ample time for the Ambassador to present to your membership and meet with your Board. We request scheduling a minimum of one hour for an Ambassador visit.



Request a Visit

Chapters can request an Ambassador visit. Once we receive your request, your chapter can begin coordinating with your Ambassador.

Chapter Ambassador Visit Rotation Schedule

2021 Visit Rotation Schedule





Chapter Ambassadors By Area

Meet your local chapter ambassadors, who are each assigned to a specific regional area of the country.

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Phil W. Goodwin Town of Hamden, CT
Sean Carroll, CPPO State of New York Procurement, NY

Area 2

Maureen Wilson McIlvaine, CPPO, CPPB County of Bucks, PA
Lorie W. Newton, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB Procurement Director, Chesterfield County, VA

Area 3

Carl Bonitto, CSCMP Northumberland County, Cobourg, ON
Penny M. Owens, NIGP-CPP, CPPO City of Knoxville, TN

Area 4

William J. Tommie, Jr., CPPO Cobb County, GA
Sam Lemonis, CPPB Hinds Community College, MS

Area 5

Karen M. Main, CPPO, CPPB Retired
Joe Benjamin, CPPO, CPPB, FCCM City of Tampa, FL

Area 6

Kara M. Daniel, NIGP-CPP Springfield R-12 School District, MO
Ginger R. Line, CPPB Sourcewell

Area 7

Debbie Kaminski, CPPB Retired
Leah Price Grand River Dam Authority, OK

Area 8

Diane L. Seaton, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, CDT, MCA City of Portland, OR
Brian R. Smith, NIGP-CPP, CPPO Multnomah County Purchasing, OR
Alyssa Ellington, NIGP-CPP, CPPB Ada County, ID

Area 9

Jason J. Steinmann Granite School District, UT
William (Bill) L. Munch, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB Valley Schools Management Group, AZ