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The new NIGP – CPP certification program is based on the Public Procurement Competency Framework. It shifts the focus from gaining knowledge to building competencies. It complements existing certifications by focusing on the full scope of your capabilities and includes technical and behavioral skills.


The purpose of NIGP-CPP recertification is to ensure that you remain current on best practices and trends and are committed to continuing learning. Therefore, while the Commission values volunteer leadership and service to the profession, contact hours are limited to continuing education.

Recertification Fees

  • Every three years - $125
  • Current NIGP-CPP certificants can apply for retired status and pay this one-time fee at the time of application for retired status. - $75
  • Lapsed Certification (within one year of the expiration date) - $50 in addition to regular recertification fees

Fees are subject to change.

Recertification Period Requirements


Minimum of continuing education activities hours a candidate must earn

25% OF

May be earned via teaching, instructing, or developing public procurement content.


The candidate is not required to remain employed in the procurement profession at the time of recertification but must confirm adherence to the NIGP-CPP Code of Ethics.

NIGP will automatically upload all contact hours you have earned through NIGP's Learning Management System (Aspire) into your individualized NIGP-CPP record. This includes webinars, seminars, certificate programs, virtual conferences, and the annual Forum and Products Exposition as well as all learning activities produced by NIGP.

You can manually enter additional contact hours at any time by accessing your online NIGP-CPP portal.

We welcome learning that is provided by our NIGP Chapter affiliates, collegiate associations, educational institutions, and training providers

NIGP-CPP Recertification Fees

Continuing education is vital for those still practicing procurement, which is why recertification is required. Stay tuned for official announcements regarding the NIGP-CPP recertification fee structure.