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  • Leaders and Work-Life Balance

    This course focuses on the demands of leadership and the question of work-life balance, one which is of great importance to leaders in all settings.
  • Introduction to Leadership

    This course asks What is leadership and why is it important? What is the difference between managing, administering, and leading?
  • Effective Public Speaking

    This two-module course helps you develop the skills you'll need to become an outstanding and confident public speaker.
  • How to Read a Financial Statement

    This course teaches the fundamentals of the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows, and how they are used to manage a business.
  • Communicating Collaboratively

    This course will help you improve your collaborative communication by providing best practices and effective tips and techniques.
  • Introduction to Business Statistics

    This course focuses on statistics in the business world in order to collect, organize, and analyze data in order to make more effective decisions.
  • Creativity in Teams and Organizations

    This course looks at spurring creativity and innovation in organizations and it outlines the key factors for creative teams.
  • Member Awesomeness Denise Schneider

    Member Denise Schneider tells her Awesome story of how she became a procurement professional.
  • Procurement Month 2016

    March 2016 is Procurement Month. View a comprehensive listing of chapter proclamations, upcoming procurement month activities and photos of chapters.
  • Downloading ebooks

    Download information to read NIGP ebooks

Displaying results 81 - 90 of 12406

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