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  • Partners

    Through our partnerships and collaborative relationships, NIGP offers products & services procurement professionals use to bring greater value to their communities.
  • Who we are

    NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement develops, supports and promotes the public procurement profession by providing professional development & support, technical services and advocacy initiatives to its membership
  • FAQs

    Frequently asked questions about Membership in NIGP
  • Benefits - Individuals

    Join NIPG, Membership Benefits, Benefits of Membership in NIGP
  • Position Papers

    Reference documents that define NIGP’s position on values, policies and practices. Local Preference, Value of Procurement, Procurement Authority.
  • NIGP Code

    Standard commodity/services code: 3-digit class code, a 5-digit class-item code, a 7-digit class-item-group code, and a detailed 11-digit code
  • NIGP Observatory

    Online Tool promoting Spend & Contract Transparency, Benchmarking & Comparison, Observatory, Spend Visibility, Spend Savings Opportunity Assessment
  • Cooperative Contracts

    Free online directory of cooperative purchasing contracts for use by state and local government, school districts, higher education and nonprofits
  • State & Provinces Procurement Websites

    Links to websites from State and Local agencies as well as Canadian Provinces
  • Commodity Price Indexes

    Strengthens the price negotiating position. provides insight into suppliers' costs, using marketplace intelligence and its proprietary tools that make it easy to stay on top of pricing trends, build pricing models and shareable reports

Displaying results 131 - 140 of 12324

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