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  • How to Coach

    This course focuses on the skills and techniques of positive coaching in an organizational setting including listening actively, providing constructive feedback based on observation, reinforcing positive employee performance through recognition and praise, and teaching new skills.
  • Managing People

    This course explains a manager must understand how to manage people, including motivating workers and coordinating their activities
  • Introduction to Data Analysis

    This course introduces the different types of decisions made in an organizational setting, why quantitative analytics is important and how quality data can affect decision making.
  • Business Ethics in the 21st Century

    This course deals with business ethics, the consideration of questions of moral right versus wrong in the context of business practice.
  • PMP 8- Project Communications Management

    This course describes basic communication models and how these models can be applied to Project Communications Management techniques.
  • Data Analysis in the Real World

    This course explains common analytics for business and quality improvement and how data-driven decisions are put into practice.
  • Effectively Managing Project Stakeholders

    This course helps project managers understand and resolve issues that can emerge from interactions among project stakeholders.
  • PMP 4 – Project Time Management

    This course focuses on how to best plan & schedule activities highlighting techniques to calculate & analyze activity time estimates and ways to estimate duration.
  • Quality Management Basics

    This course provides a firm foundation for anyone looking to understand quality management practices and techniques. It explains the core concepts and strategies of effective quality management.
  • Webinar Recordings

    Webinar Recordings

Displaying results 11 - 20 of 12409

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