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  • Capital Acquisitions

    2-day course about strategic procurement and planning, capital expenditures, budgets, investments
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    2-day course that discusses the four major Alternate Dispute Resolution approaches ― negotiation, mediation, arbitration and mini-trial in response to contractual disputes & litigation
  • Contracting for Public Sector Services

    2-day course about procurement contracting, privatization, outsourcing, competitive tendering, and alternative service delivery.
  • Strategic Procurement Planning in the Public Sector

    3-day course that addresses how procurement’s function is maximized when it plays a role in organizational strategic planning and budgeting.
  • Sourcing in the Public Sector

    3-day course that discusses the stages in the solicitation process, competitive and non-competitive procurement, methods of prequalifying suppliers and products
  • Introduction to Public Procurement

    3-day overview course that explains the basic elements that underlie all areas of public procurement. The Basics of Procurement, Role of Procurement
  • Legal Aspects of Public Procurement

    3-day course that focuses on procurement law and the procurement contracting process.
  • Contract Administration in the Public Sector

    3-day public procurement course that focuses on concepts of the contract administration process as well as contractual problems & dispute resolution
  • Developing and Managing Requests for Proposals

    3-day course about managing the RFP process, evaluating submissions, negotiations and an overview of the subsequent contract.
  • Get Certified

    NIGP offers all the preparation tools you will need to prepare for your UPPCC Certification Exam. Courses, Flashcards, Online Study Tool and Groups.

Displaying results 81 - 90 of 281

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