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  • NIGP Observatory

    Online Tool promoting Spend & Contract Transparency, Benchmarking & Comparison, Observatory, Spend Visibility, Spend Savings Opportunity Assessment
  • 13 Transparency 70315.pdf

    I NIGP Board Policies Revised March 15, 2017 13. Transparency through Documentation – Page 1 13. TRANSPARENCY THROUGH DOCUMENTATION Scope The Governing Board is committed to maintaining documentation to ensure appropriate transparency for a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit assoc...
  • Transparency in Government Procurement.pdf

    Procurement in the public sector plays a unique role in the execution of government POSITION PAPER TOPIC: Transparency in Government; Transparency in Government Procurement. A position paper from NIGP on the importance of transparency in public procurement. NIGP 151 Spring Street Her...
  • Transparency in Public Procurement.pdf

    Layout 1 Public Procurement Practice TRANSPARENCY IN PUBLIC PROCUREMENT STANDARD Public procurement should to the greatest extent practicable1, be transparent in its practices, processes, policies and relationships with all stakeholders, while ensuring protection of confidential information. Definition Transpare...
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