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  • Practical Specification Writing

    This online course provides practice in identifying, analyzing & correcting poorly written specifications to improve specification writing skills
  • Introduction to Specifications

    This online course introduces and reviews the best practices for the development and use of specifications.
  • Logistics and Transportation

    2-day course that examines contracting product transport services independent of the product itself, through logistics contracting, and transportation carriers.
  • Sourcing in the Public Sector

    3-day course that discusses the stages in the solicitation process, competitive and non-competitive procurement, methods of prequalifying suppliers and products
  • Outsourcing in the Public Sector.pdf

    POSITION PAPER TOPIC: Outsourcing in the Public Sector Examining the role of the Chief Procurement Officer in the outsourcing decision and process. NIGP 151 Spring Street Herndon, Va 20152 703.836.8900 CUSTOMER CARE: 800.367.6447, Ext. 426 ONLINE:
  • Outsourcing.pdf

    Layout 1 Public Procurement Practice OUTSOURCING STANDARD Procurement professionals should take the lead in outsourcing activities by identifying services that could best be fulfilled through the outsourcing process.1 During the decision making stage, it is the responsibility of the procurement team to ensure that the ...
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