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  • Practical Specification Writing

    This online course provides practice in identifying, analyzing & correcting poorly written specifications to improve specification writing skills
  • NAC Accredited Cooperatives

    NIGP's NAC Accredited Cooperative Program ensures the highest standards and integreity of practice in the cooperative marketplace.
  • Local Awards - Chapters

    Buyer of the Year & Manager of the Year Awards from Local NIGP Chapters. Check out the award winners from local NIGP chapters.
  • Introduction to Specifications

    This online course introduces and reviews the best practices for the development and use of specifications.
  • Public Procurement Guide

    Guide to help elected and senior government officials understand how public procurement can help achieve their goals.
  • Agency Awesomeness City of Columbia South Carolina

    Awesome Agency - the Procurement Department of the City of Columbia, South Carolina
  • Reflections on a Another Strong Year

    Reflections on Another Strong Year for NIGP August 10, 2016 The Institute’s fiscal year ended June 30, 2016; capping the end of its first year under the new NIGP 2.0 governance structure, ushering in new enhancements to member services, and beginning new relationships with important stakeholders. Last July 2015, NIGP 2.0 was initiated with four shared governing bodies including a Governing Board...
  • Government Procurement Magazine 2016

    NIGP's official magazine is a leading resource for the public procurement community fostering the interchange of ideas, information, and experience.
  • Contract Training Options for Agencies

    Two ways to contract for NIGP Training Services - Customized Onsite Training or through piggyback on a Cooperative Contract through NASPO ValuePoint.
  • Member Awesomeness Crystal Wester

    Member Crystal Wester tells her Awesome story of how she became a procurement professional.

Displaying results 1 - 10 of 12290

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