Awesome Member - Steve Howard

Steve Howard Awesomeness HeadshotI’m confident my work experience in the procurement profession prepared me for challenges and greater opportunities.”

My public service career started when I applied for a garbage collector service worker position with a city. A couple years later and a few more transfers within city departments I applied for an open position within the City’s purchasing department. I was offered a position as a stock clerk for the City’s central warehouse. This employment opportunity allowed me to develop a new set of skills and was key to my career trajectory today.

The values procurement professionals contribute to an organization are transferable and will have a positive effect on your current career field or future career choice. I currently serve as the County Administrator for Camden County, Georgia. I strongly encourage others to join and maintain membership with NIGP. Invest in yourself with continuing education and acquiring professional certifications. Start preparing for your future success today!

County Administrator
Camden County, Georgia

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