Awesome Member - Emmanuel Amunga

Emmanuel AmungaI have been in purchasing for almost 1 year. I started as an intern at Multnomah County’s central purchasing in April 2015 and was offered a temporary position after graduating from Portland State University in August 2015. The courses I took in college were mainly focused on the private sector thus, the internship was an eye opener into public procurement and how essential it is for our community. It makes me proud to know that I play a major role in helping impact my community positively through procurement. Throughout my time at the County, I have worked in several areas including reaching out to small businesses and sustainability through tracking, accounting for, reassigning and appropriately disposing the County’s surplus items. I have also worked on all procurements ranging from small to formal. Joining NIGP helped me develop professionally through workshops at the local chapter, publications and information on both the local and National websites. NIGP has also helped me with networking and getting together with other young members in the other agencies who like me are still in the learning curve. I have been able to keep up to date on industry trends and also anticipate what the future holds for public procurement through NIGP articles and from watching others in leadership roles. I look forward to learning more as I continue to grow in the public sector positively impact my community.

Emmanuel Amunga
Procurement Associate
Multnomah County Central Purchasing

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