Awesome Member - Donna H. Kukarola

Donna Kukarola“The ultimate goal is best value for the county. We want to get the right service or item at the right time and right price.”

I’ve been with Forsyth County since 1998 and feel we provide a very good service to the county as a whole…I live in this county, too!.

Procurement is often thought of as ‘purchasing’, however, it’s more than transactional. It’s not like I buy a pen and I’m done with it! We think of procurement as a process – from ‘womb to tomb’. We are strategic partners to other departments - there from the beginning and work through the whole project to the very end. We help departments get when they need in a more efficient manner and at a lower cost to the county.

We are currently working on a huge project – a public safety software venture that is multi-faceted. It goes from the Sheriff’s Office to the Fire Department to the E-911 Center. You get all these people together for a common goal. That’s exceptionally satisfying to me.

As procurement professionals we balance our departments, contractors and suppliers and offer solid solutions to the challenges faced.

Donna H. Kukarola, CPPO, CPPB
Procurement Director
Forsyth County Procurement
Cumming, Georgia

Source: Forsyth Herald 082016
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