Awesome Member - ​Annie Teav

Annie TeavI love the challenge and the ability to bring in my experience from the private sector and apply it here, locally. We are at the forefront of adopting social initiatives around sustainable purchasing ensuring best value. We used to always talk about the local impact, but here, it's a real thing! I am actively changing the world that my kids will grow up in and that's priceless.

It's true that one gets the greatest sense of satisfaction in work when they are able to see tangible results and hear or read about the efforts that they had a part of. I am seeing that there are a lot more similarities than differences between private and public and am encouraged by the opportunities I have to further my career. I have found NIGP to be a huge resource in providing me with reliable definitions and best practices that are standardized and understood by all. In the area of cooperative purchasing, my agency is always trying to ensure we are responsibly creating and piggybacking. I have found that visiting NIGP's resources around this area first is time well spent-- there's a plethora of academic articles; an area where people can share their practices (NSite), a cooperative "search engine" (Procuresource) and soon, the first cooperatives to receive accreditation by a renown source! This is what truly passionate buyers understand as a concept of a "win-win" or a "winning situation" of best value for all.

Annie Teav
Contract Specialist Senior
Multnomah County, Portland, Oregon

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