Awesome Member - Denise Schneider

Awesome Member - Denise SchneiderLike a lot of folks in Purchasing, I kind of fell into the profession and it has been an amazing ride. I started out as a buyer for a small City and proceeded to get my CPPB and CPM. I worked for a transportation agency, a child welfare company and then a school board, so I have been exposed to a lot of different buying experiences. Along the way, I received my CPPO (in the “old” days when you had to pass an oral exam). 

I am currently employed at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and without all of the previous experience and certifications would not have been considered for my current position, which I consider to be my dream job! I am a member of the Central Florida Chapter of NIGP, the Florida Association of Public Purchasing Officers, NIGP National and the Airport Purchasing Group.  Because of my membership in these professional associations, I was mentored and exposed to many new and innovative ideas and was able to create an amazing network of friends and professional associates who are always willing to offer advice or assistance which personally helped me to do a better job.

I was also given many professional opportunities in leadership positions and was honored to serve the Central Florida Chapter, FAPPO and APG as their President. Currently I serve as Chair of the Member Council and as that Chair am a member of the NIGP Governing Board (which was certainly on my “bucket list”). Why Purchasing as a profession??? It’s a way to serve your local community and make a difference not only in what you buy, but how you buy it and what the end results are. Due to green and sustainable purchasing it is also a way to lessen our footprint and affect the entire world for generations to come. Every day is different and brings new challenges and opportunities. I couldn’t think of a better profession to be a part of and would recommend it to anyone considering a career in Procurement!!

Get involved in your local NIGP Chapter, NIGP National and with your State or other professional purchasing organizations. They are your key to a whole new world of innovative ideas and professional associates who will assist you in your professional journey and even open doors to new opportunities. Get involved, trust me, it is so worth it!!

Denise K Schneider, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M.
Assistant Director Purchasing
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

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