Awesome Chapter Swap - Kentucky Public Procurement Association (KPPA) & New Mexico Public Procurement Association (NMPPA)

Venus ManigoHave you ever wondered whether the grass is greener on the other side? Two NIGP Chapters are about to find out. Kentucky Public Procurement Association (KPPA) and New Mexico Public Procurement Association (NMPPA) are excited to announce “Chapter Swap”! KPPA and NMPPA will be trading one board member during each of their scheduled conferences. (New Mexico is at the end of March and KPPA is at the beginning of December).

Each participant will be given a chance to observe the other Chapter, and show them how their Chapter does things. This is not a competition but rather the opportunity to learn and gain insight on other approaches. At the end, each participant will report back new ideas, best practices, and challenges the other Chapter is having and hopefully solutions. We are certain the participants’ reports will be filled with explosive, enlightening, and often funny moments. And this is a great way for Chapters to connect with all their members.

Kentucky is proud to announce Kathy Robinson as Kentucky’s “Chapter Swap” representative.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in NMPPA’s conference! We may be far apart geographically, but as procurement professionals we face many of the same issues. I’m eager to swap ideas and learn from each other.”

New Mexico is proud to announce Robert Rodarte as New Mexico’s “Chapter Swap” representative.

“On behalf of the entire NMPPA team we are excited to be participating in such a wonderful concept. Although, I’m the one that will be attending, you will actually be getting the entire team. We have a motto, never stop learning, never stop trying, never stop communicating and most of all share and give back to others”. KPPA and NMPPA together will make “Chapter Swap” a great success.

Stacy Phillips, CPPO, CPPB
KPPA President

Renette Apodaca, MPA, CPPO
NMPPA President

Venus Manigo
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