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How do you manage workflow when certain individuals always have “rush” assignments?

  • Institute contract management software that requires a statement of work and has other safeguards.
  • Projects are tracked through the program so that at any given time, you can see where the project is in the 12-step process.
How do you handle multiple generations

How do you handle multiple generations in the workplace?

Get training on various generations:
  • Baby boomers
  • Generation X
  • Xennials
  • Generation Y (Millennials)
  • Gen Z

How are you mitigating risks?

  • Follow statutory guidelines
  • Require bonds when risks warrant such

How do you handle when the department gets a quote but you still have to bid it out against the department’s wishes?

  • Generalize the specifications so that other vendors may bid.
  • Suggest listing a certain brand or equivalent.
  • Recommend calling in multiple firms to help draft specifications so they aren’t skewed to one firm in particular.

Do you provide pricing to your evaluation committee members?

  • A majority of agencies say ‘No’
  • Others said, it depends on how the RFP is written.
  • Some agencies use a formula to determine scoring for pricing if pricing is “apples to apples.”

Does your agency provide procurement training for colleagues?

  • The majority do.
  • Some include it with onboard hiring process.
  • Other agencies provide p-card training with a test at the end that must be passed to obtain card.
  • Include a Procurement 101 ‘course’ featuring procurement terminology, thresholds, types of solicitations, term contract list, p-card rules, etc.

What is an emergency?

  • “Emergency” is defined by state statute.
  • Generally, it is when the public’s health or safety is at risk.
  • Emergencies tend to be more common with utilities that other government entities
  • Setting up “on call” or cooperative agreements may help to address some of the emergency situations.
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