Membership FAQs

FAQ - How do I login?How do I login to the NIGP site?

We have a new login procedure that uses your e-mail address and a unique password that you define. If you have forgotten your password or do not have one click here

FAQ - How to make changesHow do I make changes to our agency membership information?

If you have changes to your membership such as address corrections, telephone, fax or email changes, you may make your changes online by clicking MY PROFILE or email

Please Note: Only the Agency Representative may add or remove individuals from the organization's membership online during renewal.

Changes to an Agency’s membership staff listing

May occur once a year, during the agency's renewal period, unless:

An employee has left the agency and has been replaced by another employee (no substitutions)

Adding of staff does not exceed the number of allowable staff based on the current paid membership

To make changes outside of the renewal period, please email

Pay My MembershipWhat is the most efficient way to pay for my membership?

ONLINE by clicking JOIN to start a membership or MY PROFILE to renew.

Payments for membership dues are accepted by check and credit card (procurement cards are accepted; however, all charges will be in US Funds). Checks should be mailed to NIGP, 2411 Dulles Corner Park, Suite 350, Herndon, VA  20171. For payment by credit card, please contact the Membership Department, at 800-FOR-NIGP x228.

Please Note: Only the Agency Representative may add or remove individuals from the organization's membership online during renewal.

FAQ - What if I leave my org?If I leave my organization, does my membership "travel" with me?

The membership belongs to the agency. However, if your job is with a public purchasing agency, that agency may already be a member. If not, we strongly encourage you to have them join NIGP.

FAQ - I am a member of NIGPI am a member of NIGP. Am I automatically enrolled in my state or local chapter of NIGP (or vice versa)?

Although NIGP Chapters subscribe to NIGP’s principles and develop partnerships with the National office in the sponsorship of educational seminars, the chapters are legally separate entities. NIGP urges you to also join your state or local chapter to gain full access to professional development and networking opportunities in your geographical area. Check NIGP’s Web site for a list of NIGP Chapters.

When may I change my membership staff listings?

Additional members may be added to the existing membership at any time. Charges will apply. Please consult the Agency Membership Categories and rates chart to calculate charges. Membership will not be prorated.

Add Members to your Agency Membership

For those agencies that already hold NIGP membership and would like to add additional members to their agency membership.

To add members:  

2-10 per person - $83
11-20 per person - $78 
21-40 per person - $73

Apply Now


Please email your question(s) to Or call the Member Services Specialist at 800-367-6447, x228

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