Incorporating Student Memberships into Your Chapter

The first step to incorporating a student membership category within your chapter is to set up the criteria for defining a student membership and its eligibility requirements. 

NIGP encourages a non-fee based student category and promotion of a dual membership at both the national and chapter levels. Make sure your by-laws state the inclusion of student members under your individual membership category. 

NIGP policy for Individual Student membership

Full-time Students: Individuals that are students enrolled part-time or full-time in an accredited community college, college, or university and actively pursuing an under-graduate or postgraduate degree in business or  public administration, public purchasing or materials management, or related field of study shall be classified as a “Student  Member” for a twelve-month period; renewable annually. Full-time enrollment shall be defined as twelve (12) or more credit hours for undergraduate students and six (6) or more hours for graduate students.

Using the above model as the criteria for Chapter student memberships will allow the individual to qualify for student National membership. This will allow the individual to carry a dual membership with both NIGP national and NIGP chapter. Provide NIGP national office with any new student memberships so they can contact the student to offer the complimentary national membership. 

Recruitment Resources

Marketing Strategy

  • Student Career Offices – posting fliers for program
  • Student Career Days (Grade School, Middle School, High School)
  • Chapter/Agency presence
  • College Career Fairs (create material to hand out at booths)
  • Outreach to College Marketing Programs to promote profession (from VAGP)
  • Advertisement of program in student newspaper, local papers
  • Fliers placed various facilities, frequented college hangouts
  • Meeting with clubs on campus
  • Inclusion in campus website
  • Pull listing of students enrolled in business college for targeted postcard campaign
  • Tap into existing business programs at the high school level such as DECA or  FBLA to introduce the profession and your chapter benefits

What to Market

  • Free attendance at chapter meetings or events to be introduced to profession (and then National membership is free)
  • Creation of network in the local professional community for future employment, current research projects
  • Access to pressing issues for the profession – possible use in current school projects
  • Increased understanding of how the profession actually works versus how the books say it works – real life experience
  • Access to other tools:  Research tools?  List serves? Training for free or reduced cost? 
  • Actual experience they could use on their resume
  • Opportunity to run a “project” during their internship for credit and actual  experience, as well as self-fulfillment of implementing one of their own ideas  into a productional work environment

Engaging Students in your Chapter

  • Incorporate uses of FB and Twitter to market information
  • Begin developing contact listing of universities, high schools with key contacts
  • Consider “Job Boards” for NIGP and Chapters
  • Create a “Career Fair” for students on the various positions in the procurement profession – have speakers from various agencies within the chapter
  • Bring in a training session on a topic that would be of more interest to students and could apply to other professional interests such as project management, leadership, etc
  • Consider leadership positions for students giving them a voice in your chapter’s governance such as a seat on the Board or establishing a student committee to address their particular needs
  • Incorporate a scholarship program in which students are eligible
  • Create a professional mentoring program for students
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