Chapter Document Fitness Challenge

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Calling all Chapters to exercise your talents and skills to help get the document library in shape!


Thank you to these awesome top reviewers!

Total Documents Reviewed - 18,679


Gerald Jelusich

Columbia Chapter
Reviewed over 3,930 documents

Fatima F. Calkins - CFC

Fatima F. Calkins

Central Florida Chapter
Reviewed over 3,250 documents


Sandra Rogers

Central Florida Chapter
Reviewed over 1,625 documents

Mike Thornton - Central Florida Chapter

Mike Thornton

Central Florida Chapter
Reviewed over 1,585 document


Janice Hughes

Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex Chapter
Reviewed over 1,065 documents


Gary Barkman

Arizona State Capitol Chapter
Reviewed over 1,065 document

The Goal

...a healthy, active document library that meets and exceeds your training and professional development needs. The key to the fitness challenge is to work as a team and stay motivated and focused on a daily document exercise regime.

  • Does your chapter have the stamina?
  • Does your chapter have the strength?
  • Does your chapter have the speed?
  • Does your chapter have the endurance?

The Winner is...

We are all winners – the document library fitness challenge benefits all of us to keep our procurement skills sharp and in the best shape possible.

How to Get in Shape..

  • Complete the Team Roster – REQUIRED Fields: Chapter Name, Team Member Name, and Team Member email address

  • Each rostered team member will be sent 5 documents at a time to review. As the team member completes their 5 documents, 5 additional documents will be sent until the team member says they are done.

  • The teams (by chapter size) that have reviewed and rated the most documents by February 15 will be announced at the Chapter Leadership Symposium on February 24th.

THAT'S IT! Time to get the Document Library into shape

Send us your Chapter Team Roster

Team Roster

Add members to your team and send to Ronni Levine at

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