How is procurement perceived in your organization?

  • Do you have clear procurement processes in place?
  • Do you monitor and control your procurement function?
  • Is procurement part of the strategic planning prcoesses?
  • Is the professional development of your procurement staff at the level it should be?
Let your agency be the example of public procurement excellence that others emulate. NIGP provides the tools to make this a reality.

Rates - Agency

Base Agency Fee
Includes first covered member


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Eligibility - Agencies


Organizations are eligible if they are federal, state/provincial, county, city, public schools, institutions of higher learning, commissions, boards, governmental hospitals, public authorities or institutions.

Each member agency shall be represented by a professional representative who is currently and directly involved with the public procurement profession. This individual shall be designated as the "Agency Representative". The Agency Representative shall determine, through the membership dues structure, which employees of the agency are entitled to receive member benefits. All persons designated as Agency Members are entitled to all the privileges of membership, which include petitioning and voting rights, eligibility to serve as a member of a national committee, and eligibility to serve as a member or officer of the Board of Directors.

Each purchasing organization shall have its own membership and shall not be included under another (blanket) membership.

Please note that NIGP Chapter membership does not entitle an agency or individual to an NIGP National membership.

Changes to a Membership IconChanges to a membership

Changes to a membership staff listing may occur only once a year, at the time of the renewal,

Changes to an agency membership's roster are allowable at any time based on the following parameters:

  • ​If an employee has left the agency and has been replaced by another employee. However, substituting one current employee with another current employee is not allowable except at the renewal period. Charges will apply for additional members as per the member dues chart.

Agency Member Benefits 

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Add Members to your Agency Membership

For those agencies that already hold NIGP membership and would like to add additional members to their agency membership.

To add members:  

2-10 per person - $83
11-20 per person - $78 
21-40 per person - $73

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