Legal Aspects of Public Procurement Online Course

Jul 8, 2015, 17:28 PM

Legal Aspect of Public Procurement Online

Contract Administration

Duration:  8- Week Course 
Instructor:         NIGP Certified Instructor Team Member
Contact Hours:  24 hours
CEU Credits**:  2.2 

NIGP's Foundation courses provide essential knowledge for you to better understand and master the world of public procurement. These courses connect you to content relevant to the CPPB and CPPO certification exams.

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(Standard Registration Fee)
Institute Member- $700
Non-Member - $900


Intended Audience

This introduction to procurement law will be of interest to those who are substantially involved in the public procurement contracting process. Individuals who want to increase their understanding of both the capability and limitation of the law on government procedures will find this course helpful. In addition, this course will be beneficial to all those who work alongside those in the public sector and must operate under the guidelines of procurement law for the successful acquisition of products and services. Please note that this course is intended to address US legal issues and may not meet the needs of those working outside the United States. The UPPCC certification exams do not contain questions about country-specific laws.



Though no prerequisites are stipulated for this course, successful participants should have one to two years of public procurement experience prior to enrolling. Experience with contracts is helpful. Participants must have computer skills and should be comfortable navigating websites.  





Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify and define public purchasing legal terms, concepts and principles
  • Apply basic legal concepts and principles to practical public procurement situations
  • Describe how the three categories of law ― the common law of contracts, statutory law and administrative law ― apply to public purchasing
  • Describe how the laws establish the rights and obligations of all parties
  • Distinguish between ethical and legal requirements and apply the appropriate actions and conduct
  • Describe the role of the public professional in the application of procurement and contract law in accordance with the commonly accepted practices of the profession


Course Outline

The following is an outline of the material that will be covered in this eight-week course.

Week One: The Essential Principles and Structure of the Unites States Legal System
Week Two: The Fundamentals of procurement Law and Procurement Authority
Week Three: Basic Components of a Common Law Contract
Week Four: The Uniform Commercial Code
Week Five: The Legal Context of Formal Solicitations
Week Six: Ethics and Professionalism in Public Procurement
Week Seven: Legal Considerations for Software Licensing  
Week Eight: Relevant Procurement Case Law


Course Syllabus

Click here for the course syllabus.


Online Format

Course participants will receive the textbook Legal Aspects of Public Purchasing which is the foundation of the course. Participants will read chapters of the text in preparation for each week’s online activities.

Participants access each week’s activities through a link to a website. Using the website, participants will access documents in Word and PDF formats and then use a discussion board to interact with team members and the instructor to complete discussion and case study assignments.

Participants should complete the reading assignments first each week, and they may read ahead. Beginning on week 2 team members will work together virtually to complete case study activities. Participants will respond to two instructor posted questions on the discussion board with a well thought out paragraph at minimum and comment on one other response on the discussion board.


Requirements of Participants to Receive Contact Hours

Participants must complete the weekly team assignments and participate in the discussions. There is a final exam. In order to pass the course participants must also achieve a score of 70% on the final exam.  Successful completion of the online course will earn 24 contact hours. NIGP will not issue partial contact hours. Once participants have achieved a passing grade, they will complete a course evaluation online. A certificate will be issued for each participant to print.

The instructor has no proprietary interest in the development or marketing of this course and no financial interest in NIGP.


NIGP Course Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received in writing one week before the posted date of the start of the course. Registrants who cancel shall retain the textbook and be refunded the fee minus $150. No refunds will be given after the course start date. Registrants who do not attend or participate in the course are not eligible for a refund.  If the course is cancelled for any reason, NIGP’s liability is limited to the registration fee only.

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* Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC)

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