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SprintBrief Description and History

Sprint is a wireless and wireline telecommunications provider and for over 100 years, Sprint has been meeting and exceeding the needs of customers.

Sprint is empowering local, state and federal government agencies to give their employees a better way to work. And it’s changing the way they work with citizens. Our range of services include:

  • Smartphone and tablet solutions that make secure, instant communication between government employees easy and mobile
  • Reliable connectivity that helps your people get more done, even when they’re on the move
  • Comprehensive mobility-management solutions that make it easier to manage any device your employees want to carry
We’re helping government agencies of all sizes connect their employees in more efficient ways so they can deliver the kind of services their citizens deserve.

Contract discounts for state and local government
Sprint is approved on hundreds of state and local contracts so procuring these solutions is easy. Additionally, Sprint works with group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and alliances, making available discounts on select regularly priced Sprint monthly service and competitive custom pricing for eligible government entities. Get in touch with your purchasing contract administrator or a Sprint representative to find out which Sprint GPO benefits are available for your agency.

Products/solutions unique to the government

ERT – Unique to Sprint, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) provides short-term wireless telecommunications equipment, infrastructure and operations support to federal, state and local government entities, public safety officials, law enforcement, military and private corporations. These services can be deployed during business continuity and recovery efforts, declared emergencies, agency-specific events, field training exercises, National Special Security Events and pre-planned events.

Wireless Priority Service - Sprint is an authorized provider of Wireless Priority Service (WPS) – created by the Department of Homeland Security to give critical voice calls a higher connection priority. Eligible customers who need to get important voice calls through during a crisis, can get this service for free at Sprint.

Prodapt – Sprint teams with Prodapt to customize solutions for public sector agencies. The solution makes use of high-speed wireless network and a variety of sensors, including motion sensors, gun-lift sensors, body-worn cameras, etc. These sensors are seamlessly integrated with Prodapt’s IoT frameworks, Synapt Connect, Middleware, Service Manager, and Data Lake, in order to deliver the desired benefits.

Fleet & Asset Tracking Solutions – Sprint can help you discover a smarter way to monitor and manage your entire remote fleet. Tracking and recording their every move in order to maximize fuel and field worker efficiency, ensure driver safety and compliance with regulations, and make processes and people more productive

An example of a government-related project that was innovative - something that helped solve a problem or contributed a solution

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has enhanced their operations and officer safety with Sprint® Mobile Broadband Solutions. This customized solution from Sprint enabled a highly reliable and secure connection that allows officers to do their jobs more effectively. LAPD deployed Sprint Data LinkSM, a private wireless network connectivity solution, equipping each of the 1,700 patrol cars with an EV-DO Sierra Wireless 595 connection card in a Dell laptop computer and mounting an external antenna on top of each car. The Department also deployed 200 Bluetooth fingerprint scanners. To comply with the State of California’s rigorous security mandates, the Department uses Sprint’s authentication server and registered data modems to ensure that unauthorized modems or users can’t use the network and added an extra layer of security with end-to-end encryption. Today, officers have a highly reliable and secure connection that allows them to take advantage of a vast array of information and resources to do their jobs more effectively and safely.

New technologies being developed or adopted that will have an impact on the way products and/or services are delivered

Sprint uses advanced technologies such as carrier aggregation, antenna beamforming, and 8 transmit 8 receive (8T8R) radios. We also are the only carrier in the U.S. to use High Performance User Equipment (HPUE). This innovation, co-developed by Sprint, is an advanced new technology capable of extending our 2.5 GHz coverage by up to 30 percent to nearly match our mid-band 1.9 GHz spectrum performance, including indoors where the majority of wireless traffic is generated.

Our LTE Plus network journey continues as we make progress towards deploying Massive MIMO and Gigabit LTE. In May 2017, Sprint, Qualcomm, and Motorola debuted the first U.S. deployment of Gigabit Class LTE on a live commercial network in New Orleans. Today Sprint is working towards making Sprint Gigabit LTE commercially available in major markets across the country, and only Sprint has the ability to broadly offer Gigabit Class LTE using licensed spectrum. This gives customers a reliable and sustainable quality experience by not relying on unlicensed resources that might be available at some times and not at others.

Looking ahead, Sprint is conducting trials today in preparation for future deployment of Massive MIMO. With Massive MIMO, Sprint has the ability to increase its capacity up to 8X. Massive MIMO is an important technology that will dramatically increase the capacity of Sprint’s LTE network today. And in the future, it will be a key element of our 5G network.

Suggestion for improving the procurement process...

Keep it simple. There are many great technologies available today and an agency could be constantly updating with available resources (both time and people). Work with strong partners who can help direct solutions to fit your needs.

As an Enterprise Sponsor, Sprint hopes to impact the public procurement community by...

Simplifying the evaluation and buying processes for agencies. Our team of Public Sector sales reps have more years of experience than any other team at Sprint. They really know the customers and know what solutions will work best for specific needs.
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