Public Procurement in Higher Education

Higher Education Options in Public Procurement

Are you a reliable, relevant, resource for all things public procurement? Do you want to be? Are you looking to make an impact on the profession as well as concerned about the well-being of our nation? Higher education may be a compelling solution for you and your entity.Continuing education and professional development are a part of life. By investing in higher learning opportunities, you are investing in your future as well as the next generation of public procurement. Take the next step and carve out your path toward procurement excellence through higher education options in the field of public procurement.

Colleges and Universities that offer courses or programs in
public procurement

***Please Note - Courses with the following "procurement keywords" in their titles suggest possible alignment with UPPCC certification or recertification requirements.

Keywords (acquisition, business ethics, business law, commercial law, contracting, distribution, ethics, finance, inventory, legal, management, material, negotiation, organization, personnel, procurement, purchasing, supplier, supply-chain, supply, transportation)

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Higher Education in the Public Sector

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