Get What you need through Successful Negotiation Strategies

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   Contact Hours 16

Objectives and Intended Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key points of building a successful negotiation
  • Create strategies for positive results
  • Analyze tactics used by negotiators
  • Examine the human relationship aspect of negotiation
  • Explain how to communicate the message
  • Recognize cultural negotiation differences in the global marketplace

Intended Audience

Any procurement professional interested in developing or improving their ability to get what they want from others. 


This course will introduce students to some of the basic negotiation principles and some new skills used by master negotiators. Topics covered include preparation strategies, tactics, communication and awareness of global applications. Practical exercises will allow students the chance to reinforce their skill development. 

Course Outline

Set 1

Understand principles of negotiations, develop strategies, know critical elements in every negotiation, understand characteristics of a good negotiator, types of negotiators, criteria by which negotiators are judged, develop a BATNA, and basic negotiation strategy.

Set 2

Identify and define tactics used in negotiations, understand the meaning and use of tactics, enable individuals to overcome negative or blocking tactics.

Set 3

Learn how communications plays a part in negotiations, the emotional side of negotiations, common errors in negotiations, social styles of negotiators, define rapport and what it means, understand three sensory channels of communication, observe verbal and nonverbal cues during negotiations and what they mean.

Set 4

Create a strategy for dealing with people, develop steps for negotiations, 70/30 rule, identify personality traits of top negotiators, understand most complex thing about negotiations is people. 
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2 Day Course
Key 7

Textbook provided

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